Freedom of Speech Essay

Freedom of Speech Essay

Under present-day conditions, people can take the advantage of ample opportunities, which did not exist a hundred years ago. The era of democracy and multiculturalism has shaped the mind of millions, and freedom, both as value and as right, has exerted a decisive effect on our society. The constitutions of various states around the globe claim that each individual has the right to express thoughts liberally and freedom of speech.

Besides, being an absolute duty, freedom cannot be taken away. If there had been any limitations on sharing views or ideas, there would not have been any history or science. Without communication, interaction, and collaboration, we would still live in huts and would merely dream about getting up to the sky. Freedom of speech has its own power, and it can be traced in politics. As far as freedom of speech could not be restricted, a human being has the right to express thoughts through media. Needless to say, an individual is free to act and think according to their own beliefs yet without bringing harm and damage to other people. The only infringement of this right appears when the expressed thoughts can undermine national security or violate other person’s rights.

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Nonetheless, freedom of speech has a disruptive influence on the society. The focal point here is the fact that freedom of speech, as well as any other freedom, is a double-edged sword linked to responsibility. The infringement on the other people’s rights will be held accountable accordingly so that everyone should take the responsibility for their actions.

Ability to think is what distinguishes a human being from other living creatures on the Earth. The mass media, in its turn, provides endless possibilities for people who want to share their perspectives, ideas, and knowledge. It is the best instrument to spread one single concept to each corner of the world in the limited time. Furthermore, the mass media remains free, independent, and unbiased to ensure the person’s right to obtain and pass on information. Without wise limitations, the mass media can bring more harm than good to our society. The right of free expression can be ensured only if the media regulations are used to protect it. Therefore, freedom of speech will be deepened as well.

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Freedom of expression has its drawbacks, among which – the violation of other human rights. For instance, free expression of thoughts does not presume to disparage a person and destroying their dignity. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to impose severe limitations on the defamation of character. People tend to use social and mass media either to ruin the reputation of the opponents and foes or to undermine it. The defamation law was introduced in order to exert control over the unjustified expressions that can tarnish the person’s reputation.

Leaving no stone unturned, the simplicity of freedom of speech is false. The existing exceptions lead astray so that the definition becomes even more knotty. The only possible way-out is to strike the balance between freedom of speech and limitations on it. Testimonials

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