Writing an Othello Essay

Writing an Othello Essay

For all those who are not aware of all this literature stuff, let’s just work on the basis that Othello is not just another drama play. There is a variety of implications and thoughts that may catch your eye, but you need to stay focused on the leading character. So, if you want to write a good and concise essay regarding Othello, you have to consider the following idea: this figure has a number of references to his background, ethnicity, and historical events. You can make a general overview of these issues and combine them with specific traits of Othello's character. There is a motive for his actions and it is powered with his beliefs and standpoints. So, this is the foundation of your argument, which may be depending upon what support/refutations you will provide for each example of his image. Thus, consider such aspects as:

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      Describe his character as such. Who is Othello? What does he stands for?
      Traits of character. How does he react to various situations? What are his positive and negative aspects?
      Why is Othello the main character? What does make him different or special?
      How does Othello make the plot progressing? Namely, what is his role in the entire story? What would happen, if this character is not included in the play?
      What is the message implied in Othello's character? What did Shakespeare want to say through this character?
      Has Othello fulfilled the purpose of Shakespeare's message?

All in all, try to link Othello's personality to the events in the play. Explain his actions and decisions in relation to his image. Also, provide your own insight into this character, as it is the most important part of the assignment. Remember to support your arguments with examples, facts from the socio-historic background of the play, and similar experience from the real life or other pieces of art.

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