Sample Essays on Breast Cancer

Sample Essays on Breast Cancer

Being a student, the individual should be ready to do the assignments, which seem very complex and controversial. Sometimes, the students get puzzled when their professors ask them to explore such controversial topics as abortion, bipolar disorder, AID, cancer, and many other similar topics. The answer is pretty simple. Usually, the professors want to increase the awareness of the particular individual, as well as the awareness of the whole group of this topic. Undoubtedly, getting the topic related to cancer, the student may feel depressed and frustrated, especially learning more information about it. We assure you that writing such an essay may be a useful experience, which can teach you how to gather the information and put your thoughts on the paper carefully. We offer you to learn our sample essay and increase your knowledge about the topic.

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Breast Cancer, Its Key Symptoms, and Treatment

Breast cancer refers to aggressive malignant tumors because of its unusually high power of metastasis. One of the most important ways of the lymph outflow from the mammary gland is axillary and parasternal. Hematogenous metastases may occur in any organ, but most often they affect the lungs, pleura, liver, and bones.

Breast cancer is usually called a disease of middle-aged and elderly women. The symptoms of breast cancer include different degrees of severity of asymmetry of the mammary glands, intact nipple with serous and bloody secretions, as well as hyperemia and skin swelling over the tumor. During palpation different sizes of the tumor can be determined; it can have a shape of the knot and inhomogeneous consistency, but with fairly clear borders. In the case of a locally infiltrative form, the boundaries are not determined.

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The X-ray method of investigation, non-contrast mammography, is one of the most effective methods of breast cancer treatment. It is conducted with the aim of specifying the size, the nature of the tumor growth, the identification of the infiltrative component of cancer. A mammogram is also needed to obtain information on the state of the second mammary gland in terms of detecting palpable tumors.

The choice of the method is determined by the individual variation in the course of the disease, the abundance of pathological forms of cancer, the biological characteristics of the body of women. At present, the therapeutic tactic is reduced to the elimination of the pathological focus by local intervention - the removal or destruction of the tumor and possible or determinable metastases in the regional lymph nodes (surgery, radiation therapy) and the subsequent overall exposure to chemotherapy and hormonal drugs.

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