Time Blocking Technique

Time Blocking Technique

Modern world is a fast living environment, where every minute is invaluable. You should not waste even a second during a hard working day. If you have any problems with managing your time, there is a perfect system of designing a necessary schedule that is called Time Blocking.

How It Works

In order to begin working with the system, you break each day into several time blocks and assign each block with a certain task. Breakfast, e-mails, writing essays etc. – every daily activity must have a precise time of completion.


The Time Blocking schedule is extremely useful if you are busy with several tasks simultaneously. It allows you to forget about distractions and focus mainly on the most important task in the schedule.

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Overcoming Distraction

It does not matter how focused you are, there will always be a small trifle that will grab your attention. Either an urgent message or a simple bird on the tree outside may prevent you from performing on maximum. With the precise schedule of tasks, there will be no time for any distractions at all. Everything will be planned beforehand.

Routine Exceptions

You should not turn into a constant-working robot. Reserve some time for everyday routine; for example, set aside a few minutes for social networks or a music break. If you only work all the time, your efficiency will be soon on a low level. Apart from that, it is advised to change the routine; if you devote Monday and Wednesday for writing your diploma, than on Tuesday and Thursday you should spend time doing something else, blog writing, for example.

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It has been proved multiple times that Time Blocking really works, as most of the users’ comments are positive. The system allows you to spend exactly nine hours working, five days a week, having your evenings as well as the weekends free. Surely, sometimes there are unexpected situations that will influence your schedule in the most unsuitable moment. Well now, life always surprises us.

Family Update

Perhaps those who have children have the most strained working week. Mothers tend to spend much time with their children. With the use of Time Blocking, it would be much easier for them to plan their weekends and Saturdays. They will find more time to spend with the kids: breakfast time in the morning, dinner in the afternoon and surely night tale in the evening. Your business can wait; do not make your children wait, as it may soon be too late.

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Changing the Priorities

Even though, your Time Blocking schedule can be planned for months ahead, some days are out of the ordinary, and need individual planning. As soon as you get used to living according to the preplanned schedule, you will be able to make minor changes to certain days.

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