The Best Topics for Cause and Effect Essays

The Best Topics for Cause and Effect Essays

A cause and effect essay is a type of written work that is based on elucidation of reasons and consequences of a certain event, experience, or phenomenon. Cause and effect topics may be versatile, encompassing art, literature, history, or contemporary trends or socio-psychological concerns. Of course, when you choose such an extensive topic as the Great Depression or the Cold War, you shouldn’t investigate every motive and impact of it unless you write a scientific dissertation. You need to select several causes and effects and analytically describe them in your essay.

Let’s imagine your assigned topic is Negative Effects of Modern Technology on General Erudition. This subject is topical, predominantly because you may express your opinion as a person who lives in the contemporary world and actually feels its impact. Smartly connect your point of view with the statistics and facts, and you will get an elaborate paper. The key to writing this cause and effect essay is defining the main reasons for creation of high technology and consequences of this industrial trend.


  • Globalization: Constant technological developments and improvements are closely connected to globalization processes. Digital innovations are intended to strengthen international relations and global networks.
  • Job Opportunities: In our age of rapid information exchange, technologies provide international communication for everyone, offering state-of-the-art job opportunities.
  • Innovations: The more humanity develops, the more it strives to surpass nature, creating stunning innovations, such as Artificial Intelligence that is becoming more and more “conscious” by the day.

Negative Consequences

Let’s view some paradoxes of the modern technologies.

  • Social Isolation: While digital innovations are aimed at enhancing communication, people become obsessed with their devices, being communicative in social networks, but isolated in real life. The lack of human interaction results in depression.
  • Inert Reading: We are happy that we have an opportunity to insert “huge libraries” with miscellaneous authors into our e-books, but do we read profoundly? It was proved that only printed books encourage deep reading. We surf the Internet, looking through a variety of articles, but we don’t read them thoughtfully. Thus, digital technologies negatively affect our concentration.
  • Addiction: People become easily addicted to their devices. They may spend time in a caf? in a circle of friends, and each of them is usually stick to their smartphones, scrolling down Facebook news or Instagram posts. Testimonials

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