Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost?

Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost?

This topic is one of the most discussed issues today. People’s opinions are divided: one part promotes space exploration process, while the other one argues that it is overvalued and humanity has more important things to spend money on. Almost each person is interested in this topic, including students. Here are some ideas for writing on the topic of cosmic exploration.


If people did not explore space, they would not be able to put numerous satellites into the orbit of the Earth. This means, there would be no long-range television, mobile connection, Internet, and GPS. So if you are one of those people who claim that cosmic exploration is useless, you probably do not even realize that you enjoy its outcomes on a daily basis.

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Indirect Inventions

While preparing to numerous cosmic expeditions, humankind has gained useful knowledge and designed a lot of useful devices. One of the examples is a solar power refrigerator, which NASA has developed for applying on the Moon and which now has a great usage on our planet. It is a significant and useful invention mainly for poor countries as it can greatly improve life conditions there. Moreover, we can use personal computers and the Internet also due to the preparing to space exploration campaigns.


There are no doubts that natural resources on our planet very soon will be exhausted. Sure, humanity is now trying to use alternative energy sources, including hydro, geothermal, and solar powers. But the extraction of gas, minerals, coal, uranium, etc. is still continuing. In several decades or maybe years, the only unexplored deposits of resources will be at the ocean’s bottom, where we have no possibility to mine it. For this reason, it is crucially important to discover new planets with an aim to find resources similar to the ones we have on Earth.

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Humanity Saving

In case of any huge catastrophe on the Earth when everybody is in danger, people still have no place to go and save themselves. However, if space explorers discover any planet which has similar conditions as our one has, humanity has a chance to be transferred there.

Issues on the Earth

The budget of most countries should be focused on today’s issues like extreme environmental pollution, depletion of natural resources, wars, and dangerous diseases. Human beings need the cure for cancer especially under present-day conditions. Such a cure could save thousands of lives, but great amounts of money are spent on space exploring that probably has less meaning for an ordinary person.

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Earth Is still not Fully Explored

Many people have the opinion that before going into the outer space mankind should better explore its own planet. There are multiple things and places about which we do not have much information. So, probably, the attention must be given to the things we face on our planet. It can provide us with useful or even necessary knowledge, for example, how to prevent natural cataclysms.

To sum up, each of the ideas above can be used for writing an argumentative essay. It is still difficult to make a conclusion because the question “Is space exploration worth the cost?” is too complicated. Testimonials

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