How to Deal With Energy Vampires?

How to Deal With Energy Vampires?

In the lives of most of us, there are people who drain our energy out every time we communicate with them. They affect us in many ways – from making us feel bad about ourselves to forcing us to add too much value to their words. These people have a common name – they are called “Energy Vampires.” Moreover, if you ever felt the way they affect you, you know what we mean. It can be really hard to stay away from their influence.

What you need to deal with energy vampires and preserve your mind in peace is to have proper strategies, like those listed below.

    • Find Your Energy Drainers. The first thing you need to do is to identify the person who sucks your energy out. And since they commonly do not have a label on them, you need to closely look at all the people around you and see how communication with them affects you. When you spot an energy vampire, think how you can avoid communicating with them. Then build a relationship with those who positively affect your mood and productivity. But remember: if you need to break a relationship with an energy vampire, do it politely. Never be rude.
    • Create Barriers. If you are not able to avoid the communication with energy vampires that are around you, limit the time that you spend with them. Set up the boundaries for yourself by thinking of the things you can talk about in front of these people.
    • Meditate. If you cannot find a way to avoid all the energy vampires around you, it will be hard for you to preserve your peace of mind. To deal with that, you may start meditating. The technique for beginners is simple. Find a comfortable position, sit with a straight spine and concentrate on your breath. Do this for 5-10 minutes a day. It will reduce the effects of energy vampirism and calm your disturbed mind down.
    • Walk Away. At the moment when you feel that your energy is draining heavily, leave with no hesitation. Or, at least step 20 feet away from the person who is sucking your spirits (it will make you feel better, you will see). Whatever excuse you make up for that is fine, provided you preserve your energy.
  • Build Your Energy Shield.This energy shield should consist of the people who cheer you up, make you smile and help you become happier. Follow such good people and energy vampires will not harm you!

Remember an important thing about energy vampires: they have the power of sucking your energy only because you give them this power. So, make sure you do not do that. Appreciate your peace of mind and do all possible to preserve it. Stay away from all energy vampires and communicate with the people who make you feel good. The measures and strategies given in this article will help you with that, if you use them properly! Testimonials

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