Diagnosis Essay

Diagnosis Essay

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Self-Diagnosis: Good or Bad?

Living in the times when people have an opportunity to google anything from “how to bake a cake” to “how to light a campfire,” there is a huge temptation to discover our body, check on our state of well being and determine an illness with the help of the Internet rather than consulting a doctor. Such a tendency of self diagnosing is labeled as bad. Should we be as much superstitious regarding our self-diagnosis and self-treatment as we are?

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According to “Dual Diagnosis” report published in 2013, the average American search engine customer spends about an hour per week in order to look for information concerning health symptoms and to reach a conclusion about his or her illness. However, it is unnecessarily risky to rely solely on yourself while making diagnose. Despite, you’ve detected some similar symptoms from the list of a disease you think you might suffer from, keep in mind that a body of each person is unique and might react differently to particular health issues. It is unwise to ignore a detailed story of your symptoms, which would help you to make the right diagnosis and hence cure you accordingly.

Also, there are online symptom checkers, which are programs that collect information about your illness and provide a person with a list of potential diseases. Though, at first sight, it might seem a completely secure way to diagnose a disease, you are still under threat of the wrong diagnosis, consequently, incorrect treatment and complications. Any software program or online description of symptoms can’t provide a patient with more accurate results as imagery studies and blood testing. Moreover, we are always in need of a professional’s intelligent opinion, a doctor’s, who is experienced enough and who can interpret your symptoms without doubts.

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Although the Internet is a great source of information, it is not a great source for self-diagnosis and self-treatment. Be aware of hazards of self-diagnosis, which may occur because of the lack of competence, the absence of necessary medical tests, and the neglect of a unique approach to each symptom characteristic and body’s reaction to them.

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