Christian Beliefs Essay

Christian Beliefs Essay

Christianity refers to one of the biggest religions practiced in the world. Jesus Christ is worshiped by about 2.1 billion believers from all over the globe. This religion is founded on Jesus’ teaching. That is why Christianity differs from other religions. Our website can offer you an essay on the development of Christian doctrine. 

Prior to discussing Christianity and its main aspects, it is important to comprehend who is Jesus and who is God. According to beliefs of Christians, God created everything in the Universe. He is referred to the Almighty. God sent his son, Jesus, to the world. Jesus did a lot of miracles and wonders, as well as gave signs through God. It is written in the Holy Bible that one can find salvation through Jesus. Jesus is considered to be “the light of the world,” which helps His followers to avoid darkness and reach the light of life.According to the Bible, believer’s spirit remains alive even after physical death. Jesus was sent to the Earth to save sinners from hell. God sacrificed his Son’s earthly life and through His death, sinful people received God’s forgiveness. God resurrected Jesus since He was innocent. It was a sign for all believers that they will be saved if they keep God’s words and believe in Jesus Christ. 

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Another aspect of Christian religion is the Holy Trinity. Christians believe in God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It may be confusing for many people because they might think that Christians believe in more than one God. However, it is not the case. The Holy Trinity means that God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is never divided. According to the Scripture, Father is in the Sons and Jesus is in the Father. It is the main reason why they are one.

Christianity started to develop after the death of Jesus. The disciples of Jesus gathered in Pentecost. The house was filled with a blowing sound. As a result, all the disciples felt the Holy Spirit. Then Peter preached about salvation through Jesus in front of the crowd. About three thousand people who understood and accepted his words were baptized that day. Each day, new believers appeared.

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Despite such fast development, there were some negative events as well. Not everyone was ready to accept Christianity. The followers of Christ faced a lot of obstacles. They were persecuted for many years. Regardless of hard times, Christianity did not stop its development. For example, Paul took a journey to the Roman Empire. He gave the beginning to churches and left directions for them. Christianity became a legal religion when Constantine, the Roman emperor, accepted it and became a believer. In the 11th century, Christian Church divided into East and West.

Due to many denominations, Christian practices differ throughout the world. However, according to the Scripture, there is one Lord despite different services. Usually, Christians visit church on Sundays. They study the Bible and pray to God. In case you liked our Christianity essay, you can contact us and order your paper. Testimonials

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