Can Gun Control Reduce Crime?

Can Gun Control Reduce Crime?

It’s a well-known fact that citizens buy guns in order to increase the level of safety. It means that gun ownership prevents many incidents and has many advantages. Actually, proponents of gun control state reasons that are absolutely irrational.

Occasional Incidents that Are Related to Guns Became the Reason and Start of Discussion

There has always been a debate between people who back up gun control and its opponents. The main subject of this discussion is whether firearm ownership should be regulated or not. Gun-related incidents that happen occasionally as well as high rates of crime light up the debate. The problem stated above is really worth considering and it deserves a serious discussion, as well. Frankly speaking, each side has sensible points concerning proving their case. Nevertheless, gun control is not helpful in reducing crime. In most cases, it is ineffective. Better methods that could solve such issue are being looked for. The discussion regarding gun control will last for many years as long as firearms are produced and used.

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The main argument that is provided by proponents of gun control states that those countries that have lower rates of gun ownership can boast of lower rates of crimes too. However, according to statistics, it’s false. As a matter of fact, the opposite is true. If to take into consideration research that has been conducted concerning gun control, we should admit that those countries where rates of gun ownership are high have lower rates of crime. In fact, there is smaller possibility that criminals will attack a citizen because there is a higher risk of retaliating. Talking about the second case, it must be mentioned that offenders who have firearms are more likely to become successful if they are sure they will come across victims without a gun.

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Deaths from Guns Are Quite Rare The argument that guns cause a lot of human deaths cannot be proved. In accordance with a few publications, the number of private firearms in the United States is seventy million. They can be used for hunting, household, business premise protection. In reality, of all deaths that happened in a single year, only one percent involved the use of firearms. Thus, the opponents of gun control are quite right concerning this.

If there are so many gun laws, then where do criminals take firearms? This question proves that gun control is not powerful in deterring criminals with a desire to buy guns. A black market is a clear answer to this question.

Gun Ownership Protects Citizens

It can be easily understood that proponents of gun control do not have any compelling case. It is quite obvious that the more guns citizens have, the less incidents will occur. Gun control has more disadvantages than positive sides and is really harmful. Although using firearms in reducing crime rates is a very hard task and may be not the best solution, but until better methods are found, citizens should bear guns. Testimonials

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