Argumentative Essay on Tobacco Make People Give up Smoking

Argumentative Essay on Tobacco Make People Give up Smoking

The history of smoking is quite long. Frankly speaking, Europeans discovered tobacco when they had come to America. As a matter of fact, they noticed that Indians chewed leaves of this plant in their country. This is how the story began.

It’s important to mention that nowadays 36.5 million adults who live in the USA smoke regularly. What is more, a lot of them undoubtedly know that it is very difficult to quit smoking. In spite of the fact that there are many ways regarding dealing with this bad habit, they are not effective for all people. As a result, there is a slight possibility that smoking essay can persuade a person who smokes to get rid of this habit. Probably the idea to ban tobacco would be the best way with regard to decreasing the number of smokers.

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What Should Be Included in the Smoking Essay?

Albeit the law concerning banning tobacco could be helpful in fighting against this widespread habit, it is absolutely vital for the author not to be biased. In fact, the argumentative essay that bans tobacco ought to state pros as well as cons of the law. Apart from that, it is rather significant to emphasize its consequences. Let’s begin with several positive aspects.

Firstly, a law is considered to be stricter and more effective in comparison to a social advertisement. Apparently, it is much better to control a crowd with its help. For example, imagine as if breaking of this law leads to spending a few month or even one year in prison. Then lots of people would reconsider whether smoking is really necessary for them or not. Imposing a fine is also an efficacious idea. However, it will work only in those countries citizens of which have a low paying capacity. Another advantage that banning tobacco law can bring is that a lawbreaker can resort to performing a community service.

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Nevertheless, this way includes some cons, too. It’s no secret that prohibition may mean that there will appear certain people who stand against it. As an instance could serve the Prohibition that was made in 1920s-1930s. It resulted in such situation when numerous Americans tried to find as many ways as possible in order to evade this law. Actually, gangsters started their business by producing alcohol. Obviously, prohibition even somehow increased the crime rate. What is more, you can mention in your essay that each of us has a right to make up his mind what life style to select. Every person should remember that if his activity is not harmful to anybody, then it can exist. While discussing this issue, it is of a great importance to mention those situations when children are given cigarettes by adults.

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Banning or Revealing Consequences

It’s a well-known fact that some of the effects of smoking are believed to be insignificant. Here is where social advertisement could be beneficial.

If you want to write a competing argumentative essay on tobacco, leave no stone unturned. The focal point is every single detail. Be unbiased and support each point with your own thoughts. Testimonials

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