Analytical Essay: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Developing Technologies

Analytical Essay: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Developing Technologies


In the contemporary world, technology is developing at incredible speed. The new devices facilitating the human lives appear every day. Only some people prefer living without using the sophisticated technologies considering them harmful to the human life and environment. Thus, the following essay aims to discuss the key advantages and disadvantages of technology.

Thesis Statement

It is clear that every new technology brings both advantages and disadvantages.

Analysis of Smartphones

There are almost no people who do not have a smartphone. Indeed, it is a particularly useful thing for a progressive individual. It allows billions of people to stay in touch, search for necessary information online, and performs many other functions. In the contemporary business world, this thing is virtually irreplaceable. Also, the smartphones are relatively safe and reliable. It is fantastic how the developing technology allowed people to communicate via the smartphones even being at totally different ends of our planet. They can help people to make new friends, find love, as well as participate in various interesting events and activities.
As for the main disadvantages of smartphones, one can admit that they are rather harmful for live communication. Nowadays, people do not need to meet each other if they simply want to talk. The interpersonal relationships suffer because people interchanged them into the small devices. Therefore, more and more people feel alone even having a bright and sophisticated device.

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Analysis of the Modern Cars

The modern cars are technologically advanced and available for almost every citizen of the developing countries. They become more and more popular since they help people to reach a certain place within a relatively short period of time. Speaking about the main advantages of cars, one should mention that they are rather safe and help people to reach a needed place according to the defined schedule. Thus, people do not need to rely on trains or planes when they are planning their trip or vacation. They can start their journey when they are ready for it.
However, at the same time, this type of transport is terribly injurious to the environment. The cars and other vehicles produce the greenhouse gasses, which is very harmful to the atmosphere. Also, millions of people die all over the globe because of car accidents.

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Analysis of the Internet

The Internet gave people a wonderful possibility to communicate at a rather low price. Besides, people can find necessary information easily since they have access to various search engines. As for the main disadvantages of the Internet, one should stress that it contains a lot of unnecessary information, and it is quite difficult for an individual to find what he/she really needs on millions of pages.


The current analysis allows stating that all the technologies have both positive and negative effects. Unfortunately, the disadvantages are often overlooked by the technology users. However, it is clear that before buying a new device, the individual should be aware of all its aspects. Testimonials

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