Amazing Exam Jokes

Amazing Exam Jokes

En exam that is going to take place very soon causes a lot of stress, especially if many things depend on the score. Despite the fact that exams and tests are serious occasions, students make jokes about them trying to relax and find something positive in a stressful day. Share these jokes with your friends who are preparing for their exams and make their moods better.

Funny Anecdotes about Students in the Exams

Probably, the funniest things about the exams are the answers that students give to their teachers being under stressful conditions. Here are just a couple of examples that will make your day a little bit brighter.

Teacher: Why do some people build the houses near power lines?
Student: They just want to get electricity faster.

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Another witty student in history exam:

Teacher: What is the distinction between the Revolution of December and the Revolution of October?
Student: They took place in different months.

Here is one more amazing reply from a funny student:

Teacher: How do you call a science that classifies all living things?

Student: Racism.

You have just read good jokes about students who can easily turn a serious event, such as a test or exam upside down and make laugh of it. On the other hand, we do not recommend you to do the same during your exams.

Of course, you may want to laugh at your teacher; however, you will not be glad if he/she lowers your mark just because you demonstrated your wit when answering some questions.

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In addition, there are teachers who lack adequate sense of humor. So, even if one person thinks the joke is funny, your teacher may perceive it as rude and disrespectful. In such a case, this situation may end up in getting a failing grade for the test.

Our primary aim in posting this material was to make you laugh and feel more relaxed before the important event. On the other hand, you should also remember that each exam or test must be taken seriously because your lifetime goals and future career may depend on it.

There is hardly something better than a good laugh. Whenever you feel pressured and stressed before taking a test, remember these funny jokes and change your mood very fast. Testimonials

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