10 Motives to Learn a Foreign Language

10 Motives to Learn a Foreign Language

It is pretty hard to learn a foreign language. That is why many people feel hesitant about the idea. Today, I am going to persuade you that learning a new language is definitely worth the time and efforts. Meet 10 popular motives to start learning a foreign language right now!

Gain New Friends and Meet New People

This is the most important reason why people strive to learn a new language. The perspective of meeting new people and building relationships is something that may turn a boring life upside down.

Discover a Foreign Culture

Discovering a new culture is fun! When you learn a foreign language, you get into the roots of the new culture. This may fascinate you as a learner and stimulate you to open new horizons.

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Become a Broad-Minded Person

When learning a new language and discovering its culture, you broaden your worldview and become a more broad-minded person. In addition, you start to see the manifestations of the foreign culture in a more favorable light.

Move Overseas

If you are eager to travel, study or live overseas, learning a new language is a great opportunity to fill your life with excitement. So, if you have itchy feet, sign up for a language learning course right now!

Make Your Resume more Alluring

Nowadays, many companies are expanding their businesses globally. Thus, employees who know at least one foreign language are highly valued. Moreover, when searching for a job, they are likely to resist competition.

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Have Better Travel Experiences

If you travel abroad and know local language, it gives you a possibility to communicate with local people. This will certainly make your travel experience more positive.

Boost Your Brain Power

According to the recent study conducted by York University in Toronto, students who know several languages tend to be more successful in studying. This is due to the fact that speaking multiple languages increases human's brain power.

Become Better in Decision Making

According to the research of the University of Chicago, students who speak more than one language are better in making instant decisions, especially financial ones.

Enhance Your Confidence

Speaking a new language works as an ego booster. A person starts to enjoy the benefits of learning a new language very soon. This transforms the life in a positive way and makes the person feel more satisfied and confident.

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Amaze People around You

When your close people find out that you know a foreign language, they will be impressed by your abilities. This will also make them proud of you.

I hope I managed to persuade you that learning a new language is very beneficial. Choose a new language that you want to practice and enjoy the advantages listed in the article!

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